#Fira Sans by #Mozilla #FreeFonts

Fira Sans by  #Mozilla #FreeFonts

Designed to integrate with the character of the OS, the Fira Sans typeface also aims to cover the legibility needs for a large range of handsets varying in screen quality and rendering. When working with Fira Sans it is recommended that micro font sizes that fall below our guidelines are avoided.

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Samo Sans by Samuel Carnoky

Samo Sans by Samuel Carnoky

Samo Sans is a modern sans-serif typeface with low contrast strokes and is balanced between technical shapes and dynamic feeling. The primary type family is consisted of complete set of Latin glyphs for lower and upper case. It also supports diacritics of all European languages including lining numerals, standard ligatures and other characters sufficient for regular typesetting. Characteristic features are lower spurs (a, b, d, u), and upper spurs (m, n, p, q, r) with distinctive wedge-shaped cuts. These parts are complemented by homogeneously designed diacritics, which is not disturbing and harmonizing with the whole unit. Another very strong feature of the type drawing are lower terminals of the round glyphs, which are finished by moderate narrowing. The type has got decreased caps height, also decreased numerals and optimal x-height, which makes it suitable for more extensive text typesetting. It can be effectively applied in corporate identities or in display typesetting. The narrowness of the basic set of Samo Sans typeface is supplemented by extended type family Samo Sans Pro.

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Sudtipos – Bubblegum Sans Free Font

Sudtipos - Bubblegum Sans Free Font

Bubblegum Sans Pro is upbeat, flavor-loaded, brushalicious letters for the sunny side of the street. It bounces with joy and tells a great story. Designed by Angel Koziupa and produced by Ale Paul, this typeface is a loud 21st century shoutout to the kind of the 1930s lettering that sold everything to everyone through every medium.
Bubblegum Sans Pro version covers all Latin-based languages and includes some alternates.

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Insigne – Aviano Sans Font Premiun

Insigne - Aviano Sans

In 2007, insigne released Aviano. Its beautifully drawn extended letterforms were a hit with designers, and Aviano quickly became insigne’s most popular offering of early 2007.

Now, insigne returns to the classical forms that were the inspiration for Aviano with a sans serif variant. Aviano Sans is wide and geometric, and is perfect for any job that calls for a chic and dignified sans serif.

Aviano Sans 2009 update includes two new weights, Thin and Black. All weights include 42 new Art Deco-inspired alternate characters and 40 unique ligatures.

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Solomon Sans por: Fontfabric

La nueva familia de Salomón tipo de Sans incluye 14 estilos de diseño únicos. La familia de fuentes se caracteriza por una excelente legibilidad, bien acabados diseños geométricos, optimizado interletraje etc
Sans Salomón es la más adecuada para los titulares de todos los tamaños, así como para bloques de texto que vienen en tanto máxima y mínimas variaciones. Los estilos de fuente son adecuados para cualquier tipo de diseño gráfico -. Web, impresión, gráficos en movimiento, etc,
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