Stay Gold #font by Decade #Type #Foundry #FREEFONT

Stay Gold #font by Decade Type Foundry

Stay Gold Script is a highly usable, powerful typeface. Perfect for everything from food packaging to wedding invitations, sports team logos to magazine headings. Use it however you see fit. Just one thing – it’s not designed for all-caps settings. buy license here:

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Estudio Arellano Type Foundry – BARATA DISPLAY free font

Estudio Arellano Type Foundry - BARATA DISPLAY free font

Barata Display is a all caps script font inspired by the street vendors and informal commerce in Latin countries. A condensed defined and thick stroke evokes the “Sharpie” or chalk fluorescents signs that are made in “tianguis”, black markets, ambulant vendors, greengrocers, barbecues and flea markets; from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. It is a typeface that “SCREAM” buy me, discounted, almost Free, Opportunity!.

What distinguishes the New Barata Display from Estudio Arellano Type Foundry is the expressive power of its structure. The Alphabet is built on the geometric principle of free traces from freehand writing. Originally composed of 47 capital Roman characters, Barata Display includes types (Ü) and (Ñ) in its free download Beta version, without any restraining use, Barata Display can be used in any kind of commercial or personal promotion, in graphic design-web, print, animation, etc. Perfect for price labels, tags and other applications such as posters and t-shirts. It is a typeface for headlines and Lettering.

Languages: Spanish / English. Version: 0 Beta. Format: Opentype (.otf). Compatible: Mac. Styles: 1 Weight. Details: 47 Character Set. Manual Kerning, Tracking / Pairs.

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FDI Foundry – Iwan Reschniev

FDI Foundry -  Iwan Reschniev

In August 1930, Jan Tschichold described a new typeface, that is “producable by everybody without further knowledge” in the publication Börsenblatt für den Deutschen Buchhandel.

Sebastian Nagel has extended the original drawing to 7 weights (black, extrabold, bold, semibold, regular, semilight and light), with full coverage of the Latin 1 character set.

All fonts also include small caps and alternate characters.

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Characters Font Foundry – Vagebond C Light Roman

Characters Font Foundry - Vagebond C Light Roman

Vagebond is a monoline family in three widths, Condensed (C), Normal (N), and Extended (XT). With Vagebond I was inspired by a very old television I once saw on a junkyard. I wanted to create a typeface with round edges that would fit within the 4 x 3 proportion of the screen. It had to be monoline, because that gives it a very simplistic and minimalistic look.

Having created the XT width I felt it needed the both complementing widths to make it complete.

The Condensed version, for me, is the funky rounded version of the DIN. I love DIN, but it sometimes feels just a bit to ‘normed’ for me. Vagebond C brings in a bit more personality.

Although Vagebond looks kinda ‘oldstyle’, it works very well in futuristic designs. It feels best in combination with a super futuristic 3d object.

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Characters Font Foundry – Insider Mediun

Characters Font Foundry - Insider Mediun

Insider is a warm & legible grotesque. It’s custom made for Insider Consulting in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s highly legible in small sizes because of the basic proportions and the balanced inner forms. It’s optimized for setting longer texts, but also works very well in headlines and leads.

The font family has real italics and not just mathematically slanted Romans. The dynamic cursive shapes root in handwriting. With 8 styles (4 weights + italics), the family is very versatile and can be used for designs with a complex typographical hierarchy.

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Process Type Foundry – Anchor Font Premiun

Process Type Foundry - Anchor

Designed for maneuvering in especially cramped quarters, Anchor is a four-weight family of round display gothics.

As with many of our typefaces, Anchor’s life began as the solution to a typographic dead end: what if the narrowest style of a typeface isn’t narrow enough? That was the case when we redesigned our website and realized 48 pixels was a mighty narrow space for words like ‘download’ and ‘specimen’ to remain reasonably legible. Being type designers, we immediately ditched the CSS for BCPs and had the beginnings of a narrow display font.

Initially just a single weight, Anchor is now a family of fonts ranging from Medium to Black. The plump Bold and Black weights easily lend themselves to swagger and exaggeration while the Medium and Semibold remain economic and capable of straightforward display work. We refer to them as ‘display gothics’ primarily in homage to the influence of the 19th and early 20th century types that provided the roadmap for this series.

Incidentally, since the initial weight of Anchor was designed for our website and to blend well with Bryant Compressed (which is used for the main titles of the site), the two are excellent companions.
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