Flying Without Wings by #Magic #Fonts @aaronpryan #FreeFonts

Flying Without Wings by #Magic #Fonts #FreeFonts

Howdy! My name’s Aaron. I’m from and living in the oldest city in Ireland and that’s Waterford. I am 25 years young, enjoys the world of photography, creating music, broadcasting on Internet radio and of course making fonts. That’s my poxy life summed up for ya! â˜ș

I’ve stopped uploading fonts on my former account ‘aaronpryan’ and will be uploading new ones here instead so stay tuned.

All of the fonts that I upload will be freeware. Feel free to use them commercially or just for fun. I really don’t mind. I just enjoy making them.

The fonts aren’t perfect nor are they really good like most of the ones uploaded, but I’m sure some folks out there will like them.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to leave a comment or two and let me know what you think. Let me know your thoughts by commenting. All comments are gratefully appreciated as always. 🙂

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Genius by Ceyhun Birinci #FREEFONTS


Genius is a clean, geometric typeface with great legibility and modern look, which makes it a perfect typeface for any kind of use. It’s especially suitable for branding, advertising, magazines, web design and so on.
Created by Ceyhun Birinci, the Genius family consists of 7 weights from thin to bold along with their italics, including hundreds of kerning pairs.

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#Elsie by Alejandro Inler #FREEFONTS @Alejandro_Inler

EspecĂ­men Elsie Tipos Latinos 2012-s

Elsie is inspired by feminine energy. This new typeface was created to celebrate the world of women, glamour and fashion. It combines the strength of Bodoni with the softness of italics. Sensitive, attractive, full of personality, innovative and subtle with both classic and new design features. I aimed to add expressive features to the letters, providing nuances that make this a unique vision of Bodoni type. It provides an option to the type which readers often encounter.

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#Primus by #Ceyhun Birinci #FREEFONTS

Primus by Ceyhun Birinci

Primus has been designed to express the feelings of future, science and innovativeness while being simple and clean. It’s a geometric typeface with rounded edges, carefully designed and kerned to achieve a high visual quality that would make it a perfect typeface for any kind of use. While providing a clean and enjoyable reading when it’s used for text purposes, Primus is primarily effective as a display typeface that can be used for logotypes, brand identities, advertisements and so on, to fully reflect our era and beyond.

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