Molle by Elena Albertoni #FREEFONTS @anatoletype



Molle is a distinctive looking bottom heavy display script inspired by lettering seen on an Italian poster.

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Process Type Foundry – Elena Web Font Premiun

Process Type Foundry - Elena

Elena, a new serif typeface meant for extended reading, is an exercise in subtlety and restraint. It’s direct and unaffected, a modern serif typeface, quietly balancing warmth with a crisp, tailored tone. This low-contrast face of economical proportions, moderate x-height, and spare details shows influence of the broad-nibbed pen, tempered by a discreet reinterpretation of its shapes. Designed for double-duty typesetting, Elena is graceful in text for continuous reading and sturdy enough for display work of moderate size. As such, magazines, books and publications of all types are well served by this compact, two-weight family.

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