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Candy Script  by Sudtipos

ARS Maquette  by ARS 

FF Sari

Liza  by Underware

FF Hydra by FontFont

Estilo  by DSType

Futura Display by Elsner+Flake

Plantain by CastleType


DSType – Acta Display

DSType – Acta Display

First designed for chilean newspaper La Tercera in 2010, Acta family is a clean and fresh type system, while enough conservative for newspaper setting. The complete Acta Type System contains Acta and Acta Display both with six weights with matching italics; Acta Symbols with an amazing collection of symbols specially designed for newspapers and magazines and Acta Poster, a heavyweight version, elegant and eye catching in three styles with plenty of ligatures and alternates.

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DSType – Acto Font Premiun

Acto is a type system designed as the sans serif counterpart of the previous released Acta. Both type families were designed in 2010 for the redesign of the chilean newspaper La Tercera, but unlike some of our previous fonts (i.e.: Leitura) Acto doesn’t exactly match Acta in terms of structure, so they can live on their own. Acto is our first sans where the uppercase has the same height as the ascenders, so we decided to avoid common problems like the confusion between the I and the l, by drawing a curved l and we kept that spirit by removing the spurs on the b, g and q, resulting on a more warm typeface than Prelo, for instance. At the end is a very powerful sans family, with eleven weights with matching italics, for editorial and corporate design.

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