Characters Font Foundry – Nantua Free Font

Characters Font Foundry - Nantua Free Font

Nantua is inspired by the Russian Constructivism from the early 1920s. Artists like Aleksandr Rodchenko used typography as forms.

Nantua can be used with that very same principal. It’s a very geometrical display font with hard edges. Used in big sizes it is very ‘in your face’. Used in small sizes it tends to work like a compact background pattern.

With very small inner forms, Nantua needs to be used in big sizes to be legible. It’s preferably seen on posters or flyers.

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Characters Font Foundry – Encrypted Wallpaper Free

Characters Font Foundry - Encrypted Wallpaper

With Encrypted Wallpaper you can create your own decorative wallpaper that you can still read.

The forms of the font are perfect for creating wallpaper, background patterns and decorative elements. The human eye needs time to decypher the cryptic forms back into a font.

Women can decypher Encrypted Wallpaper much faster than men. So all you guys out there, if you don’t want to look like a fool, don’t show this to your wife.

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