#Novecento slab wide Normal by Synthview #Type #Design #FreeFonts

Novecento slab wide Normal by Synthview #Type #Design #FreeFonts

Novecento Slab is the “slab serif” companion of Novecento Sans, a font family inspired on european typographic tendencies between the second half of 19th century and first half of the 20th.

This font face is designed to be used mostly for headlines, visual identities or short sentences, both in big and small sizes.
Novecento Slab family comes in 32 styles, speaks 76 latin based languages, has 590 glyphs and 16 stylistic opentype features for advanced typography.

Novecento slab wide Normal by Synthview #Type #Design #FreeFonts

Novecento slab wide Normal by Synthview #Type #Design #FreeFonts

Novecento slab wide Normal by Synthview #Type #Design #FreeFonts



Full Font Buy: http://www.fontspring.com/fonts/synthview/novecento-slab


5 thoughts on “#Novecento slab wide Normal by Synthview #Type #Design #FreeFonts

  1. Hej folk! You’re letting people download my font, and doing so you’re clearly infringing my EULA saying:
    “You are strictly forbidden to sell, resell, lease or charge for access to this Software.
    You are not allowed to publish and/or distribute this Software on any offline or online product/platform.”

    Please take it off immediately and delete the shared file,

    • The post was modified not understand if I’m breaking free source as you say, we are not distributing the complete collection as many already do, only post free typefaces presonal use and free use at the end of each post put the author and purchase.

      FREE NORMAL WIDE SLAB NOVECENTO not think this tells you Free font it is, and then to publish it as if it were free and not?

      We respect their work is time and money, you must keep your family with your work or what you do, why not distribute complete typeface catalogs that we know is a lot of work to do what you do!

      the download link was deleted, you can descagar of the purchase paguina the type


      • Thanks for modifying your page.
        The EULA is related to EACH font individually. Are you using Google tanslator? I hardly understand your text…
        In any case: freeware = it costs 0$, but the rules of using the font are the same as it costs 1$ or 1000$.
        Please write me a private email if you need more explanations.

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