Aldin by Ryan Lyse & Dathan Boardman #FreeFonts

Aldin by Ryan Lyse & Dathan Boardman #FreeFonts


Aldin is a stylish and modern typeface based on geometric forms. It is best suited for headlines and subheads but can also work in short paragraphs. Its character makes it a good choice for magazines, advertisements, packaging or logotypes for the fashion or tech industries—particularly the thinner weights. Thicker weights also allow the option for more contrast among elements.

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Art Club by Dathan Boardman #FreeFonts

Art Club by Dathan Boardman #FreeFonts


Like Marker Felt or Comic Sans, Art Club has that informal/playful feel. Only this time its made to look and feel like it was written using a paint brush at your local after-school art club. Next time you want to add that cheerful spice to your Art Club Syllabus, or ANY syllabus, look no further than Art Club (the font).

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Neris by Eimantas Paškonis #FreeFonts

Neris by Eimantas Paškonis #FreeFonts


A display sans for one paragraph (or shorter) length text: quotes, openings, titles, etc. Sure, you could use it for body copy and get away with it, but that’s not where the typeface shines. The bigger – the better. The font has many, many languages and features. More than you’ll ever need, stuff like small caps punctuation or Bulgarian/Serbian alternates (see the included PDF). Neris is the name of my city’s river. While it doesn’t really translate into anything meaningful, it looks good in both Lithuanian and English while showcasing most of the distinct features: slanted /e, semi-serif /i, stylized ink traps, curved sharp joints. Made with Glyphs – a great app.

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Flying Without Wings by #Magic #Fonts @aaronpryan #FreeFonts

Flying Without Wings by #Magic #Fonts #FreeFonts

Howdy! My name’s Aaron. I’m from and living in the oldest city in Ireland and that’s Waterford. I am 25 years young, enjoys the world of photography, creating music, broadcasting on Internet radio and of course making fonts. That’s my poxy life summed up for ya! ☺

I’ve stopped uploading fonts on my former account ‘aaronpryan’ and will be uploading new ones here instead so stay tuned.

All of the fonts that I upload will be freeware. Feel free to use them commercially or just for fun. I really don’t mind. I just enjoy making them.

The fonts aren’t perfect nor are they really good like most of the ones uploaded, but I’m sure some folks out there will like them.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to leave a comment or two and let me know what you think. Let me know your thoughts by commenting. All comments are gratefully appreciated as always. 🙂

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