Bowlby One by Vernon Adams #FreeFonts #Typography

Bowlby One  by Vernon Adams

Bowlby has been designed for use as a utilitarian, all caps display font. A version with lowercase characters is also available. It’s forms are a fusion of a handfull of designs scanned from old, early Twentieth Century type specimens. Bowlby is perfect for big Bold Headlines and displays that need a slightly roughened look. Bowlby is a webfont, designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, cloud systems and mobile devices.
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Gravity by Vincenzo Vuono #FreeFonts #Typography

Gravity by Vincenzo Vuono

Gravity is a typographic experiment, born from the desire to deepen my knowledge about this discipline.
Gravity is also a new geometric sans serif typeface designed with balance and large counters.
The typeface uses the “gravity” as a distinctive, functional and aesthetic feature of the font. It is going
to be used as official font by “Accademia di Belle Arti Palermo”.

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Font Friday: Bubble Letters



This week’s font is Bubble Letters which you can download HERE (donate if it’s for commercial use)
This weeks photo is from, which you can view/buy HERE.

This weeks art is from’s Wee You-Things collection. Isn’t it fun?

Font Friday is about having fun with images and finding new fonts while celebrating design and bringing attention to the under-celebrated art of font creation. Explore + to make your own fun designs. Get creative!

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