Simplex Display by kenjiboy Free Fonts

Simplex Display by kenjiboy Free Fonts

To create and distribute exceptional display typefaces that are accessible and affordable for the Design community.

Download Simplex Display with a tweet or Facebook post for personal use. If you would like to use it commercially then purchase the Complete Family below for $7.95.

$7.95 For Commercial use of Simplex Display, Complete Family.
Buy now.

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Dude by Dan Gneiding Free Fonts

Dude is a reverse contrast cowboy font thats got true grit. It’s not about weight, its about style. Twelve different serif styles inspired by country musics legends. Whiskey drinking, train hopping, fist fighting, hard loving, prison breaking, men and women, who poured their hearts out in song.

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Londrina Solid by Marcelo Magalhães Free Fonts

Londrina Solid by Marcelo Magalhães Free Fonts

The Londrina super family is composed of 4 family styles: Londrina Solid, Londrina Shadow, Londrina Outline, and Londrina Sketch. You can combine the main style, Solid, with the others to create different effects. The origins of the Londrina typeface project is in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil: Urban confusion. Initially I designed the “New Folk” for use in a poster, with only uppercase letters. I saw at the start some potential for a typeface that could recall the feelings of the writing used day-to-day in my city’s informal communication, and developed it into a typeface family with lowercases too.

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DK Clair De Lune by David Kerkhoff Free Fonts

DK Clair De Lune by David Kerkhoff Free Fonts

This is the demo version of Clair De Lune font. It is free for personal use, but requires a donation via the ‘donate’ button when you use it commercially. It may NOT be embedded in games or apps and it may NOT be redistributed on other font sites. A full version of the font is also available. It comes with embedding rights. all glyphs, all accents and kerning. If you would like to purchase the full version, please contact me. If you need further information, please read the FAQ file inside the zip.

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