Google Web Fonts | Full collection (August 11th, 2012)

Google Web Fonts | Full collection

Here is Google’s entire Web fonts collection (August 11th, 2012.)
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Midnight Kernboy by Sentinel Type Free Font

Midnight Kernboy by Sentinel Type
Midnight Kernboy is a 21st century interpretation of City.

The slab serif, or egyptian type style, was introduced around 1815 by Vincent Figgins; at the time it was considered the most brilliant typographic invention of the 19th century, and the style quickly established itself as a favorite for headline and poster work. Georg Trump’s City (1930) marked the end of classicism in egyptian type the same year it started — with the pure geometric forms of Memphis (1930), proving once again that classical periods in art never last long…
Or failing a post-modern ironic sense of humor, one might try to reform the monoline squared egyptian by restructuring it and selectively knocking off serifs.

Midnight Kernboy avoids City’s somewhat homogeneous letter treatment with simplified structures and cunning serif omissions. The result is an elegant semi-serif typeface with a minimalist contemporary feel leaning toward futurism.

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Blob by Superfried Free Font

Blob by Superfried Free Font

Here is the latest free font from Superfried called: blob. The font is available in two formats, round and square. Like before, this is predominantly a display and experimental font. Unlike before, since the styling of round and square are sufficiently different, it was necessary to develop two separate fonts rather than utilising the shift key to switch styles. The majority of the simple shape development was created using FontStruct. Once the limitations had been reached, further refinement and finishing was achieved in FontForge.

Since we have started using them, we have found the shapes in blob round are quite conducive to developing cartoon characters, as you can see in the first poster below.

Rrilakkumadingbat Bold by Rafael Saldana Free Font

Rrilakkumadingbat Bold © Adobe Systems Incorporated Free Font

Rilakkuma alphabet vector and font freebie.
I finally made it into a dingbat font. This dingbat font is based upon rilakkuma or relax bear character. The font contains uppercase rilakkuma faces and lowercase rilakkuma ears, that can be used as capital letters and complement lowercases with other fonts like arial bold rounded or vag rounded. As you can see you can make a nice label for your kids, nephews, etc. I put my name as an example, rilakkkuma can hugh your name or be a part of it by using the pdf file and editing in a vector program.

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