Supperstudio – Dealer Type(poker)face

Supperstudio - Dealer Type(poker)face

Trabajo realizado con P.Torrado@supperstudio

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Moon8ype – Mamma Mia

Moon8ype - Mamma Mia

The bigger the better! M8T Mamma Mia is a broken serif font whose each character has been handdrawn. Hundreds of strokes build this rough, yet soft font.

It is perfect for titles, especially in large scales. Using it in white you will realize the inspiration of chalk-board-writing.

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TypeMyType – Nana

TypeMyType - Nana

This small fontfamily was part of the research for my final project in Type & Media. My starting-point was to design a broad nib and pointed pen version, true to the calligraphic principles of these pens. They do not solve any technical problem. They are not intended for use in a specific size, but I drew them with a text type in mind. I started with sketching and afterwards I digitalized these drawings. The expansion and translation are tuned to each other. Visually, they have the same x-height and the same darkness in text.

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Type Mafia – Actium

Type Mafia - Actium
Actium is a contemporary multilingual sans serif typeface developed to help perfect typography automatically. Type Mafia has focussed on words with odd combinations of capital letters and numbers, such as product names and postal codes such as WD40 and H1N5, jump out of the text. They sit awkwardly together as the numerals have been designed to work with the lowercase, not the uppercase letters – affecting readability.To fix this Type Mafia invented Smart Capo™.

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Ivan Khmelevsky – Neu Eichmass Font

Ivan Khmelevsky - Neu Eichmass Font

100 grams is a metric unit widely used in retail. On every example of food packaging we are presented with information concerning the total weight of the contents enclosed. Using 100 grams as a point of reference, we are also provided with a break down of the nutritional content of the ingredients e.g. fat, fibre, carbohydrate etc..

Weight as a concept is also closely related to typography –  the weight of black text on a white page, the different weights in a single type family: light, regular, bold and black… Throughout the history of type the term ‘weight’ has been referred to in a kind of virtual sense as opposed to reflecting the literal meaning of the word. Of course wooden and metal type did have a genuine physical weight, however in typographic terms, weight was simply used as a figure of speech to describe the visual
appearance of a typeface.
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Characters Font Foundry – Vagebond C Light Roman

Characters Font Foundry - Vagebond C Light Roman

Vagebond is a monoline family in three widths, Condensed (C), Normal (N), and Extended (XT). With Vagebond I was inspired by a very old television I once saw on a junkyard. I wanted to create a typeface with round edges that would fit within the 4 x 3 proportion of the screen. It had to be monoline, because that gives it a very simplistic and minimalistic look.

Having created the XT width I felt it needed the both complementing widths to make it complete.

The Condensed version, for me, is the funky rounded version of the DIN. I love DIN, but it sometimes feels just a bit to ‘normed’ for me. Vagebond C brings in a bit more personality.

Although Vagebond looks kinda ‘oldstyle’, it works very well in futuristic designs. It feels best in combination with a super futuristic 3d object.

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